cafe’ society


There are many reasons for coffee’s popularity, from the medical to the gastronomic, but at base its appeal is that the caffeine it contains is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, providing a hit of mental alertnessz Different countries have evolved places where people can drink and take a break, from the zinc-topped counters of French cafe’s and the wood-panelled sophistication of the Viennese coffee house to the bright zap of the modern coffee chain. Cafe’ society is about people meeting, thinking, writing, talking-or simply taking out with a coffee brew.

From : a passion for Coffee by  Hattie ellis


7 Responses to “cafe’ society”

  1. I would like to have one coffee house for people to meet up, chit-chat, and relax… 🙂

  2. Plin, :-p Says:

    Someone (such as me… myself) feel sleepy after drinking a cup of coffee!!!

    So I will drink a cup of coffee if I cannot sleep. (but If I want to stay late at night I will drink a cup of chinese tea.)

  3. nat Says:

    กาแฟ aroma therapy

  4. ben'tale Says:

    เดินตามกาแฟมาอ่าน blog ^^

  5. bpitti Says:

    So, it’s the people, the activities, and the place. But not always including the actual coffee? 🙂


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