Nice Shot


I like taking photo of my nephews, They’re twin but have their own characters.

nephew 028

Pok-he likes touching a camera.

and he always concentrate…eating

nephew 091

yummy…mamy i want more^^


nephew 050

Pun-he always smiles and next …

He cries.

I love this shot, when my lovely nephew crying ^^

nephew 034

he born to be a Singer!!


6 Responses to “Nice Shot”

  1. yew Says:

    I saw your photos .they are so cute .I saw our mom smiles.I am very happy and tink of our dady. If he alives,he will happy together.

  2. P’ Yew,I think so- Daddy will happy together with us-somewhere.

  3. yew Says:

    whose’s twins so cute ei ei?

  4. twins’dad very handsome and their auntie-bee is very lovely too!! ^^haha

  5. พี่ชาย Says:

    คุยอะไรกัน งะ ไม่มี SuB งะ

  6. P’Kong. You should work hard
    Phd.- is waiting for you to reach.
    พี่ชายสุดหล่อ พยายามหน่อยนะ..อิอิ


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