We Can Ride tricycle


Long time no see my nephews, It’s absolutely 5 month (since last time we met).                             

Oh! > < I think of my little angels a lot and a lot.

Now they have grow up to be the little nice boys, they can speak word by word fluently. They have more enegy to make naughty to their parent.

I watch my Nephew happiness day by day through many pictures that My brother sent to me via e-mail. Their picture alway made me smiles and feel happy.

Because they become stronger, Their dad (my bro) bought them tricybles. And they show off how professional riding a tricycle,

Here they are!


Pokdhamma: Hooray!  I can loosen handles ! ^__^


Pundhamma:Yeh! I can pedal backward! I am so cool. ^0^

After showing off, they run out of battery!

so on, Let ‘s charging.

Which is the best way to get energy?

pokpan (65) pokpan (66)

Have a nice dream, My little two Angles. ^ ^



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